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Jake Diana is a third-year Ph.D. student from Wilmington, Delaware conducting his studies at the School of Medicine in the Human Movement Science Curriculum. His primary research interest involves the long-term cardiometabolic implications of habitual sedentary behaviors.


Previously, Jake has served UNC Chapel Hill as Director of Health & Wellness in the Hawkinson Administration of the Graduate and Professional Student Government.  Outside of student government, he is the Student Director of a research group out of the Exercise & Sport Science Department studying patterns of and motivations for physical activity in understudied populations.


The Chair of the Joint Governance Council aims to bring together the leadership of both undergraduate and graduate/professional constituencies. Jake is responsible for charing biweekly JGC meetings that are attended by executive, legislative, and financial officers of both constituencies. Furthermore, he meets regularly with student leaders, professional staff, and university administrators to coordinate the policy priorities, operational systems, and messaging approaches across these groups.