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The Joint Governance Council exists to approve legislation that concerns both undergraduate and graduate & professional students at UNC, as well as to advise both the USG and GPSG.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Chair Matthew Tweden.

The current membership of the 7th Joint Governance Council is as follows:

Matthew Tweden
USG President (Student Body President)
Christopher Everett
USG Vice President
Rebecca Segal
USG Treasurer Logan Grodsky
USG Senate Speaker
Andrew Gary
USG Senate Speaker Pro Tempore
Deniz Erdal
USG Senate Member-at-Large
Robert “Tres” Guskiewicz III
GPSG President Lauren Hawkinson
GPSG Senior Vice President
Katie Heath
GPSG Vice President for Finance
Stephen Wright
GPSG Senate – Finance Chair
Joel Begay
GPSG Senate – Oversight and Advocacy Chair
Ziyi Cai
GPSG Senate – Rules and Judiciary Chair
Benjamin King