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Tonight, Franklin Street will host its annual Homegrown Halloween celebration. Halloween on Franklin Street is a unique part of our Carolina experience. We encourage you to participate in this event in a safe and responsible manner. Look out for one another and seek help if you or someone else needs it. Please consider the personal, social, and legal consequences of overconsumption of alcohol and other illegal behaviors. Our university’s alcohol policy includes a medical amnesty provision for those who seek emergency treatment and North Carolina’s “Good Samaritan” law provides similar protections. If you see someone who needs help, call 911.

Additionally, while Halloween is a time to celebrate with original and creative costumes, please keep in mind when choosing costumes that taking elements of other cultures and caricaturing them for the sake of costumes is inappropriate and should be avoided.

We hope all Tar Heels have a safe and festive Halloween.

For information about the Town of Chapel Hill’s Homegrown Halloween, please visit

For information about parking and transportation on campus, please visit


Happy Halloween and we’ll see you on Franklin Street!


Elizabeth Adkins, Student Body President & Undergraduate Student Government President

Madelyn Percy, Graduate & Professional Student Federation President

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