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As the first week of classes winds down, the UNC Executive Branch stands in solidarity with all the survivors of sexual assault and would like to offer our support to those who have been directly or indirectly impacted by this pervasive issue.

Sexual assault is unfortunately endemic on college campuses, especially in the first several weeks of school, also known as “the Red Zone”.

In order to mitigate these heinous acts of sexual violence, the UNC Executive Branch will be working on efforts to educate students and faculty about bystander intervention, resources available for those impacted, and ways we can be meaningful allies in the fight against sexual assault.

While reporting sexual assault is important, we want everyone to know that there are options beyond reporting and that survivors and second-hand survivors can access these campus and community resources to better cope with their experience.

It is the duty of everyone in the Carolina community to step up, educate themselves, and help combat sexual assault. Therefore, we encourage all to attend our Red Zone events, explore the resources that we list, and support our efforts to curb this serious issue. More information can be found at

In solidarity,

Elizabeth M. Adkins
Student Body President
Undergraduate Executive Branch President

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